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Discover a selection of work from a passionate student.

Get healtea

Web app created for the reboot factory workshop. This app helps you to choose your tea according to your trouble.

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This one was created to promote the High Focus Records music label and their artists. Multipage responsive website.

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Had Two Fonts

Responsive website created to present a font from google font. I worked on Oswald from Vernon Adams.

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mockup desktop had two font Let's discover the project

Let me tell you a little about myself

I’m a young, motivated UX designer and front-end developer. I’m currently studying Design Web & Mobile at Albert Jacquard School.

In my opinion, websites have to be attractive and easy to use, this requires a clean design, smooth animations with an easily understandable content. I want people to take pleasure to spend time on my websites.

The most important thing for me is to improve my skills and always learn more about web. That’s why I’m looking for an internship in a good atmosphere with a solid team.